Tesla CEO Elon Musk reveals new details about solar glass technology being utilized in the Model 3.

The Tesla Model 3 is an incredibly feature-packed car for its $35,000 dollar starting price point. It’s the cheapest car Tesla is going to offer, but it still aims to keep the feeling of luxury-meets-efficiency intact. The car is set to have a 215 mile range per charge, a zero-to-60mph time under 6 seconds, supercharging and autopilot features according to Tesla’s website. And, its CEO, Elon Musk, also revealed another added feature that’ll make the Model 3 stand out even more: a solar powered roof.

Source: Tesla Motors

Source: Tesla Motors

Specifically, according to Business Insider, Musk revealed in a conference call that the Model 3 will feature the same glass technology the company will be using in its new solar roofing for houses.

As of right now there are no details about how specifically the glass will be used. It’s still uncertain if it’ll be incorporated into the roof, the windshields, or both.

Musk took to Twitter to elaborate slightly on what he meant during the conference call, saying the Model 3’s solar glass tiles might be used to help defrost the windshield while still generating energy, but a 140-character statement isn’t enough to get a full understanding of the technology.

That being said, both the Model 3 and the new solar glass technology are two of the most exciting upcoming advancements for Tesla, and that fact that the two are going to be joining forces will help to enhance that excitement even further.

The Model 3 is set to come out sometime in mid-2018 if Tesla meets its lofty production goals (though right now that’s still a big IF), so we might be just under two years away from a future with a fully electric vehicle that can self-charge throughout the day thanks to its solar panels. If this is the case, one of the biggest drawbacks of electric cars – their range – will become almost non-existent in the Model 3.


Again, more details are still needed on how the solar glass tiles will work specifically on the car, but if Tesla can live up to expectations then the Model 3 will be at the forefront of technology in the automotive world. And, because it’s just $35,000, we’ll probably be seeing a bunch of these feature-packed, environmentally friendly, premium sedans on the road in the not-so-distant future.