The Best-Dressed NFL Players: Midseason Awards Edition

It's the midway point of the season, so we're going through and recognizing the best of the best so far.
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Each week here at HypeFresh we go through every single NFL postgame press conference and scour the world wide web to find the five best-dressed NFL players. We then put them up against each other in a fight to the death (not true) in order to rank them. This week we're doing things a little different.

It's week 8 in the NFL, otherwise known as the halfway point in the season. At this point of the season people have stared to figure out who the contending teams are, who the not-so-good teams are, and who's downright awful (looking at you, Cleveland). 

Well, same thing goes for us and the style icons. At this point we have a pretty good idea of who the regulars on our list are. We know who's going all out, and we know who's content with just rocking the same boring team sweatshirt every week. It's time we honor the guys who've been putting in the extra effort for eight straight weeks.

That being said, we can't just pick a "best-dressed." No, we need to honor all aspects of style; creativity, trendiness, classicness, etc. Hell, we even need to honor the worst dressed, because without them this list wouldn't even be possible. So, without further ado, here are the awards.

Most Creative - Richard Sherman


We saw this look last week – the ultimate Harry Potter costume – and thought, "Awesome, they're all going to start doing this for Halloween." Turns out, nope, he was the only one. Sure, Cam Newton's had some Halloween-esque outfits so far this year (Google: "Cam Newton Monopoly" if you're in need of a quick laugh), but nobody else went all-out like Sherman did. He wins this category easily.

Worst Outfit - Cam Newton


Yeah yeah, the suit is fresh. But I don't care, look at those hideous abominations he calls "shoes." Sure, a picture might be worth 1,000 words, but only three are needed to sum up this picture: WHAT ARE THOSE?! I mean, what should we even nickname these? "the Cheezy's? "the Air Pepperjack 1's?" I like Cheezys, but either way they're terrible.

Worst Dressed - Landry Jones

Can someone please get this man an image consultant? He's practically broke by NFL standards, but the dude makes almost $650,000 a year. Landry, buddy, burn every shirt in your closet. Then, take like $5,000 and get yourself a whole new wardrobe. You'll be doing yourself a favor (and everyone else).

Best Classic Style - Larry Fitzgerald

Whether it's a full suit or just a classic button up, Fitzgerald always looks top-notch. He could go to a board meeting, a club, or a fashion show and have people calling him one of the best dressed. 

Trendiest - Von Miller

Catching the Broncos linebacker in a suit postgame is a rare sighting, but that doesn't mean he ever looks bad, either. He's always up on the latest styles, and whether it's big frame glasses, dad hats, drop-shoulder sweatshirts, flannels, or wide brimmed hats, a lot of times you could probably mistake him for your favorite fashion-rapper.