Landscape and living collide into one beautifully constructed home on the Austin hill.

The Braketed House is one of those destinations that sits beautifully with the surrounding landscape, gently on the slope of the Austin hill. The home seamlessly merges indoors and out with its modern construction. Separated by two wings- one private, containing the bedrooms, and one social that is comprised of the kitchen and living/dining areas.

 The courtyard scheme is simplified by the common and private wings  which are connected by a glass dining “bridge." This transparent volume also visually connects the front yard to the courtyard, clearing for the prospect view, while maintaining a subdued street presence. The staircase acts as a vertical “knuckle,” mediating shifting wing angles while contrasting the predominant horizontality of the house.  Coupled with dynamic landscape and natural lighting throughout the home, The Braketed Space House is the dream retreat for home oweners. 

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