Every once in while, it's okay for us to escape to our wildest dreams and fantasies for the psychological thrill. For others, living life on the edge makes for great stores at work and home. If work seems like a daring feat, try it at the boring family dinners. Booking a vacation to Sweden only to explore an Icehotel is definitely enough to stir up conversation and make you look far more cultured than most. 

Every winter, it's rebuilt only to melt away in the spring, which makes the Icehotel more appealing and top priority on your list of bizarre things to do. Built with two ton blocks of ice from the Torne River, the Icehotel is the direct result of collaborations between artists and engineers who work tirelessly to create the arched halls, bedrooms and reception areas, all of course which are made from ice at 23 degrees inside. 

Because of the frigid temperature, guests are outfitted with warm outerwear and Arctic sleeping bags for their bed. Warm accommodations are also available, ensuring that guests do not freeze to death which would be unfortunate after the $140+ booking fee. Fully equipped with an ice chapel and ice bar, the Icehotel can now operate year-round thanks to solar powered tanks that will continue to apply the bravest guests with the chance to fulfill their inner curiosities and spend the night on ice. Check out the gallery above and for information on the Icehotel, visit here