Lit Motors Unveils An Electric Self-Balancing Motorcycle

"Slip and park between cars, get to work fast, and do it all safely, without fossil fuels."
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Apple has taken an unorthodox interest in selling cars lately and their latest announcement may solidify this business venture. The computer company has recently taken an interest in Lit Motors, a startup San Francisco firm that manufactures self balancing motorcycles. 

With the rise of technological advances, Lit Motors has pioneered an electric motorcycle that is capable of balancing itself all while providing an enclosed "cabin" for the rider without the use of fossil fuels. Because Lit Motors is a start up company, Apple may be interested in implementing it's groundbreaking technology with Lit's ability to provide an alternative to four-wheelers. Dubbed the C1, the motorcycle relies on what they call "gyroscopes" which allows the vehicle to stay upright. With a riding range of up to 200 miles per charge, the C1 is capable of speeds above 100 mph and a 0-60 acceleration time of six seconds. 


But what exactly is Apple looking to explore with this concept? Could this be the newest Apple collaboration as they shift from music to automobiles? Possibly. Though, no word has been confirmed, the name "IPod" would be dope, but not original. Only time will tell. 

For more information on the Lit Motors C1, visit here