These aren't your average Instagram accounts.

Here at HypeFresh PLUS we're all about over-the-top, lavish lifestyles. Whether you're filthy rich and looking for some inspiration (we know it's hard to decide how to spend all that money), or a broke college student dreaming of the finer things in life, fear not - we've got you covered. These Instagram accounts are the best of the best when it comes to luxury living. They feature travel, architecture, cars, boats, planes, and everything else you'll need to satisfy that expensive taste.


 OnlyForLuxury is a one-stop-shop for all things expensive. They feature yachts, supercars, and over the top hotels that'll be sure to inspire you to get up and grind every single day.  


This account is the home of the nicest cars seen on the streets of London. This is the IG you'll want to spend most of your time on if you've got a passion for cars or a few hundred thousand dollars you're looking to blow on a new ride.

myinterior & myexterior

These two accounts are exactly what their name implies - an endless stream of photos dedicated exclusively to homes. If you like interior design and want inspiration for your home then go with myinterior, and if you want to see some of the most impressive architecture man has to offer then myexterior is the account for you.

National Geographic Travel

If settling down into a decadent home isn't your thing and you'd rather go explore the world, then nothing's going to beat NatGeo Travel for you. Beautiful photos of exotic places - what more could you want?

Le Postcard

Some people can't hang with the NatGeo-type adventure people, and that's okay. If you like to be a little more low-key and relaxed on your vacations, then check out Le Postcard. Nothing but sandy beaches and Pina Coladas here.