The Whichaway Camp. A new spin on the usual Winter getaway.

Normally, most vacations are destined in warm areas such as Jamaica, Bahamas or Florida. This holiday season, try something different. Introducing the Whichaway Camp, a vacay spot in one of the coldest places on the globe: Antartica.

And you're scratching your head saying "why would I spend a getaway in a freezing climate like that?" Because you should be open to trying different options. Who says vacations have to always be a sun, sand and water?


According to Wallpaper:

"Located on a 200ft ice fall on the edge of the Shirmacher Oasis in Queen Maud Land, this is Antarctica’s first (and only) luxury camp."

"One of the highlights of the eight-day tour that includes kite skiing, ice climbing, and a close encounter with a colony of Emperor penguins, the camp opened a decade ago. Worn down by the extreme weather conditions, the original six fibreglass domes, originally designed by Ryan Ashworth, recently emerged from an extensive refurbishment."


If you want to go, visit to get more details on what Whichaway Camp has to offer. Pricing for this tour starts at a whopping €64,000 ( $67,000 USD ). 

Location: Shirmacher Oasis

Queen Maud Land