A Gracious Summer Pop Up Store Comes to NYC

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Established in 2013, Gracious Mfg. is a clothing brand founded in Harry Epstein's basement in Westport, CT.

The brand has made more of a name for itself after adding Creative Director Aidan Kaye and Marketing Manager Kee Busk to the mix.

According to its website:

"The brand aims to develop a new, artistically influenced dimension in streetwear by merging elements from two different lifestyles (urban and suburban), to bring you a curated selection of apparel, with a truly clean and gracious aesthetic."

Gracious Summer 2015 is going to be the first collection that the brand has released. June 13th will be the release of the collection at a Pop-Up event in New York City.

Prepping for the epic release, the guys have created an online lookbook showcasing items from the upcoming summer collection. Surprise items will also be released at the Pop-Up.

This event will be held at 81 Hester Street on the Lower East Side. Between 7 p.m. and 12 a.m. there will be live music with performances by Omar I$lord, Hiko Momoji, Maxaveli and Scottie French.

For more information regarding the event contact Epstein at graciousmfg@gmail.com.

Check out http://www.graciousmfg.com/ for more looks.