Behind The Scenes With Entree Lifestyle

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Entree Lifestyle took their latest photo shoot to the next level in their Fall 2014 Delivery II. 

Reflecting back on times in music with some of the greats in Hip Hop and R&B, Entree decides to create direct duplicates of some of the most memorable poses done by these historic individual. Lil Kim, Biggie, Jay Z, Tupac - Just to name a few.


They even payed homage to some of our most recent greats such as Chris Brown, Lil' Wayne and Rihanna, doing exactly the same process. Using this tactic to advertise and promote their newest collection, we have to agree that it's majorly effective in every way.

History always has a tendacy of repeating itself. In this case, it's being relived in every shot of this look book. Check out this awesome behind the scenes video of the process. And if you see anything you like, visit their online shop to grab up on your very own Entree Lifestyle piece for yourself!