They say if you're from New York, you can make it anywhere. And well...these Brooklyn Fashion Mavens are proving the old saying right! Gain insight on them, they're style, and what it takes to be a fashion and style blogger new to the game!

Equip with your metrocard in hand, the seemingly far corners of New York City now suddenly seem within reach. For just a small price, you can board either a bus or train, which will carry you from borough to borough. It is a result of this easy travel that people tend to neglect their own communities to visit others—inevitably overlooking the things that make their own neighborhoods unique. Luckily, two young trailblazers, with sharp eyes for fashion, and an affection for their surrounding community, have set out to create the next big outlet. You may know them individually as Lauren and Merlyn, but collectively they form Brooklyn Fashion Mavens—a fashion and style blog dedicated to highlighting their own personal styles, as well as capturing Brooklyn’s entirety.

The two have only been blogging for one year, yet up against the competition, they’ve managed to produce a considerable amount of content that’ll make you want to stop and double tap. That’s quite a feat considering that before they started blogging, the two had little in-depth experience in the industry. But as it appears, Lauren who comes from a background of working, “for a small private wealth management firm as an asset manager associate,” and Merlyn who is, “currently on the social media team at Revlon, and has been in the beauty industry for three years,” say how they find it all manageable. When asked about working as a team, BK Fashion Mavens responded, “Yes it’s great working as a team. We’re able to bounce ideas off of each other and when one person can’t do something the other can fill in. We’re both dedicated to the blog so it’s not hard working with each other. It may get tough sometimes working with our schedules but we make it work.” With a strong sense of dedication, consistency, and a knack for generating fresh ideas, they believe that the successes blogging can bring are something anyone can achieve.

But although working as a team has the tendency to make things easier, it has its flip side. Often their audience can’t distinguish between the two, which makes it a little hard to maintain separate identities. BK Fashion Mavens admits that, “most people can’t tell which one is which. When we post individual pictures were try to introduce ourselves as a way to remind our audience. Also, when we reply to a comment we note who is talking.” Without having known them beforehand, it’s a common mistake most of their followers can face. Fortunately, their personal styles also serve as an added bonus to differentiating them. Lauren says she’s been told her, “style is classy with a bit of edge,” while on the other hand Merlyn says, “I switch it up, but it’s mostly urban and chill.” You can see how this holds true if you look at each of their outfit choices.

For these two besties coming straight outta Brooklyn, it’s been an adjustment. But between, keeping the right attitude, finding the perfect light, and picking out bomb outfits, they’ve made it clear this is an industry they intend to master—all whilst shining a light on Brooklyn and its local treasures.

To find what else we talked about, check out the rest of the interview I did with the Brooklyn Fashion Mavens below. 

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HYPEFRESH: How do you decide where your photo shoots will be located?

BK FASHION MAVENS: Sometimes we’ll go out and scope out a neighborhood to see if we like it, and choose where exactly we’ll shoot. We’ll also google different locations in Brooklyn or utilize Instagram if we’re looking for a specific location to go with a photo shoot theme. For instance, prospect park for spring looks or Coney Island for a colorful summer look.

HYPEFRESH: Can you describe what happens during a typical photo shoot?

BK FASHION MAVENS: Usually we shoot at least 2 outfits. We’ll show up in the first one. Shoot together and then shoot individually. Find a bathroom to change in if we haven’t already searched for one and shoot in the next outfit.

HYPEFRESH: Do you have any photo shoot nightmares?

BK FASHION MAVENS: Once we had to change in the middle of the street because we couldn’t find a bathroom. Luckily it was a fairly empty block. Another time a photographer canceled on us morning of.

HYPEFRESH: Where has the strangest/coolest photo shoot taken place so far?

BK FASHION MAVENS: Vinegar Hill. The neighborhood is only at most 15 blocks and it’s very deserted but has a unique vintage feel. It’s filled with empty buildings with colorful store fronts and ONE restaurant. It was a new area to us and pretty cool to discover.

HYPEFRESH: What do you look for in the photographers that you work with?

BK FASHION MAVENS: Quality of the photos and creativity. We like to see if the photographer fits our aesthetic. For example, our photos are dark so if we see the photographer favors darker photos we probably won’t use them. However, we’re open to different viewpoints

HYPEFRESH: Do you coordinate your outfits? If so, what does the process consist of?

BK FASHION MAVENS: Yes, we do. Since we don’t live with each other we’ll put on an outfit and take a picture to send to the other. From there we coordinate the order in which we will shoot the outfits.

HYPEFRESH: What are some fashion trends you want to see die?


(Lauren): I used to hate the fanny pack cross body trend but it grew on me. However, you won’t see me rocking it because I talked too much crap about it. I can’t be a hypocrite

(Merlyn): Big Pharrell hats.

HYPEFRESH: What are some fashion trends you want to see more of in the future?


(Lauren): Block heels and sneakers! if you know me you know I can’t last 1 hour in heels but block heels are more bareable and sneakers are comfortable

(Merlyn): Fashion trend? I want to see more people being theirselves and making their own trends. Some fashion designers do that now and I love and appreciate it.

HYPEFRESH: What are each of your go-to items right now?


(Lauren): these black booties from Zara I claim I hate.

(Merlyn): My forever 21 patent leather boots with a clear heel. They are super comfy and I can wear them to work and happy hour. *wink*

HYPEFRESH: How do you plan for the content that goes up on your page?

BK FASHION MAVENS: There’s numerous steps. We use an app called UNUM where we plan the visual layout of our page. The layout depends on what events are happening, like holidays and what post looks great together.

We try to do Instagram stories when we go anywhere in Brooklyn or at an event.

HYPEFRESH: What’s are some of the best ways you recommend for staying updated on today’s most popular trends?


(Lauren): keeping up with fashion Instagram pages or influencers. I’m trying to get in the habit of reading more from magazines or websites like Business of fashion or women’s wear daily.

(Merlyn): Definitely by following fashion influencers or clicking into the new items page from your favorite online shop. However, I personally don’t always look into “what’s new” or try to keep up with it.

HYPEFRESH: What inspires your outfit choices?


(Lauren): usually I just have an idea in my head I’m trying to execute. I may have one item of clothing and I picture an outfit. I’m trying to buy things I wouldn’t normally wear to step outside of my comfort zone.

(Merlyn): for the photo shoots, I try to go with the theme of the neighborhood. I also have a lot of clothes I have never worn, so I try to style those first.

HYPEFRESH: Sometimes you don’t know you’re a role model, so what’s one piece of advice you can share with someone who may be following in your footsteps?


(Lauren): Keep being consistent and don’t give up. Hard work always pays off in the end

(Merlyn): Do your research and plan. Know where you’re going and what you want to accomplish. Then take the steps to reach that goal. Also, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, to ask for help on reaching that goal. 

If Brooklyn's too far, then click this link to view their Instagram page!