Civil Regime Holiday 2015 "The Fight Worth Fighting"

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Returning just in time for the Halloween holiday, Civil Regime prepares for it's launch of their newest collection - "The Fight Worth Fighting". This collection offers a fine balance between the rebel, the fighter and the athlete through well known styles that are rich in detail.

Offering a diverse lineup of jackets, hooded sweatshirts, eroded tapered jeans, crewneck sweaters and designer tees, this collection brings the necessary versatility to any lover of true fashion.

The strongpoints of the look-book focuses on the "earth-toned" color palettes, delivering an organic rawness to it's appearance without trying too hard in the process. With Fall coming to a close and the winter sneaking its way through the back door, the timing was perfectly executed by the heads at Civil Regime.

This collection will be launching on Halloween Day, (October 31st 2015) via Civil Regime's online shop. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to add some flare to your everyday get up. Check out the look-book in it's entirety below, and be sure to also leave your thoughts in our comments section in addition.

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