Civil Regime Unveils 2015 Summer Collection (Photos)

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Civil Regime Earn Your Stripes 4

Civil Regime just released their 2015 Summer Collection, so let's get excited for the hot weather!

Civil Regime released two lines, a men's line and Civil Regime Girls. Both look fashionable, sporty and great for the hot summer days.

The men's "Earn Your Stripes" collection, starring Dizzy Wright, has that classic laid back feel and look, reminding customers that "Every challenge we surpass is another stripe earned. Every stripe represents diligence, perseverance, & grit. Follow your passion – celebrate the difference – earn your stripes.”

For the girls "Far From Basic" collection, Civil Regime brought back the crop tops and it is better than ever! Inspiration “derives from our unrelenting will to pursue and achieve greatness through key elements of athletic performance while conquering any obstacles along the way.”

Civil Regime's collection is now available for purchase at PacSun, Zumiez, Nordstrom and Forever 21.

Source: Stashed