Dekadence Urban Expressions: The Less Than Zero Lookbook

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It's been a minute since we last chatted with Paul Schiffbauer, Co-Founder of Dekadence Urban Expressions in February.

We patiently waited until their official lookbook dropped, just so we could present them to the world appropriately. And that time has come, today - launching their "Less Than Zero" lookbook to prove this. According to Dekadence: 

"We are Dekadence Urban EXPRESSIONS, a modern ART & apparel brand based out of Baltimore. Dekadence Urban Expressions sets to aspire a path of purpose in the continued pursuit of artistic expression with our array of products. Too many brands are built on the basis of commercialism instead of innovation. We are here to push those very boundaries, in the sense that there are no boundaries. Dekadence is a purpose, Dekadence is the excess of the human spirit. It's the daring sense that we are bigger than the stigmas that this world plagues us with."

And with this being said, you already know what you're dealing with when it comes to purpose of this retailer. Launching a series of intriguingly designed screen print shirts, each piece has it's own message within itself. Be sure to visit their website when you have a moment, and support the movement today.