Creative execution at its finest.

Unconventional materials flood the fashion industry, turning one man's trash into another man's treasure. Cliche, yes. But genius. But what happens when you take a two-time kite surfing World Cup competitor, a fashion industry professional and raw materials together in one room? The result is Exkite, an emerging brand that will lace you in the hottest streetwear known to man using sustainable materials. 


Renzo Mancini is half of the brain power behind the brand. His experience and expertise with kite surfing seemed suitable for the job. Through working with Wipika in 2004, he discovered piles and piles of kite prototypes that quickly found their way in the garbage. Because the company was prohibited from re-selling or donating, his business and life partner, Eirinn Skrede had some ideas. 


The first step was to create a jacket. "We can do a jacket, and you can wear the story," Mancini says. "You can wear the emotion."

But this emotion does not come cheap. An Exkite jacket is roughly $500. Bombers are a bit less and hooded vest can range up to $250. But you are paying for more than just a story. Each jacket is made by hand in Italy, each unique in it's color scheme and aesthetic. After testing numerous manufacturers, they finally landed a deal with Off-White, Diesel Black Gold, and Marni. 

  "When we started, we thought it was for sporty people," Mancini says, "and we got completely different people—people who were into fashion, design, architecture, who wanted something different, original, unique."  


Fueled by random color blocking, zig zag stitching and details of who used the kite and where, it's more than streetwear. It's creative execution at its finest. Check out the gallery above and purchase your very own here