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HYPEFRESH® Staff (Clark Kennedy, Jemyle Jones, Ricky Singh & Bryant Myers) had the wonderful opportunity to be invited to BBP's pop up shop on Bowery, located in Lower Manhattan, NYC. Here, we had the opportunity to speak with Audrey Cabald, who represents the clothing line and does PR work as well.

The parisian fashion line premiered all of the collections newest pieces available to the public. BBP, best known for their exclusive collaborations with Jay- Z, Beyonce & The Twins, offers artistic, contemporary fashion pieces, in different variations.

The most popular of the lineup is the "Tom Ford" tee with the word 'molly' crossed out on the backside of the garment. This design supports the most recent Jay-Z single, 'Tom Ford' where Hov makes a huge reference to not popping molly's, but always rocking 'Tom Ford' and staying fresh. Other pieces support the recent "On The Run" tour Jay & Bey are currently performing on worldwide.

We also bumped into Rich McCann, who works exclusively with the brand as a fashion model while there. We recently got a chance to feature him in our publication, prior to knowing his involvement with the line. This was a major surprise - small world we tell ya.

All in all, this brand is seriously dope. Simple, clean cut, contemporary, and sporty. These pieces are easily mixable with anything you have in your closet at the moment. This makes the brand that much more interesting for fashion heads across the globe, striving to get BBP in their closets lineup. Check out the photos shot by HYPEFRESH® Photographer, Ricky Singh below. Also, if you see something you like, shoot on over to NYC as BBP will be there until Aug. 18th. If you miss the pop up shop, visit to shop the full online collection yourself!

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