Behind The Scenes With Black Boy Place

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The famous Parisian brand Black Boy Place is in full effect in the fashion industry. This fast growing hip hop influenced brand has been collaborating with celebrities such as Jay Z, Beyonce and The Twins. Known for their iconic "jersey" styled t-shirts, BBP has been making waves in the aesthetic realm of the style categories worldwide. In this video, the brand takes you behind the scenes to take a peek at its styles and it's movements.

Black Boy Place, which is opening their first pop up store in NYC in August of 2014 plans on displaying an impressive collection for the public's eyes to see - and to purchase. The store, located 355 A Bowery NYC 10003, will be opened from the 4th until the 18th of August, 2014. Mark your calendars and don't forget to stop in for a visit! And don't forget to visit their website to see their collection available now.