FASHION: Peter Nguyen - "#100DaysofTshirts"

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NYC-based menswear designer Peter Nguyen takes casual items to a whole new level in his latest project called #100DaysofTShirts.

From April 6th to July 14th, Nguyen will be designing and distributing 100 new t-shirt designs for a total of 100 unique t-shirts.

The catch though is that if you like one of the designs, you must purchase it within 24-hours. Each shirt will be posted at 1:00PM EST and will be available for purchase for exactly 24-hours. When the next design is posted, poof, the other design will no longer be available.

So get ready Monday, April 6th, 2015 at 1:00PM EST for the first design. To learn more about the project view Nguyen's website.

The Project's goal is to get Artists to "[show] up day after day..." to create.