FASHION: The Elijah Justice Collection

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Elijah Justice, a Junior at Ohio University who's studying graphic design just released his newest lineup of streetwear tees for tor the fashion world to embrace.

"I've had a keen interest in fashion design and streetwear for as long as I can remember. Streetwear has given me the fortunate opportunity to express my true integrity."

says Justice.

"It's part of the reason as to why I'm studying graphic design here at Ohio University."

This collection is inspired by iconic summer drinks and treats and is meant to evoke feelings of nostalgia. "I used to design under an actual brand name, but shortly after being featured on a major magazine, I lost my trademark due to someone else registering it before me. A year later I haven't given up, and I recently released a new collection of clothing under my name to continue my passion for design."

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Photo Credit: Sean Mendoza