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Honestly, who wouldn't want skillfully hand-crafted leather goods? The Massachusetts fashion brand has been making quality pieces since 1970, and to this day are still rocking out distinguished leather goods! 

According to Aime Leon Dore: 

"In today’s age of technology and rapidly changing industry landscapes, there exists a company that has remained true to its roots for over 40 years. These roots, cemented in a dedication to superior craftsmanship, serve as the foundation for a family owned and run business, Frank Clegg, which, over the years, has earned a reputation for being one of the best leather workshops in the world.

The man at the helm is Frank Clegg himself. At first glace, Frank’s beard and glasses give off an undeniable motif – ‘I work hard at what I’m good at.’ A blend of extreme focus and comfort, his traits are equally present in his two boys, Ian and Andrew, who, like their father, know they have a skillset most simply do not. They are quite good at making leather bags – and not just any leather bags. Touch, hold, and feel a Frank Clegg bag, and you just know you’ve never come across anything like it. The detail, design and durability, are what undeniably set them apart. The Cleggs are three of the finest craftsmen in America, and what they’re working on is sure to bring them a level of success greater than what they’ve ever experienced.

Upon entering their workshop for the first time, we were struck by its grandeur. Tables upon tables of beautiful leather, some crafted into gorgeous tote bags, backpacks and travel bags, the rest, ready to be used at any given moment. Forest green, deep blue, oxblood, tan, and khaki dyed hides were stacked in every corner of the space, their strong leather scent pulling us deeper into the experience. The only people more excited than us, were the Clegg boys. They would point to their favorite pieces, telling us where they got the materials, the process behind putting it together, and how they planned to improve it the first second they got. This was a space where something bigger than entrepreneurship was taking place. This was where a father and his two sons were able to chase a dream. This was where Frank, Ian, and Andrew Clegg were making memories that would last a lifetime, and bags that would last two.

Frank always knew he was going to do something with his hands, he told us. He loved making things – as a teen, he would take gadgets apart, just to rebuild them. Even after attending a prestigious college, Frank decided to go straight into leather making. He had a calling, something few people are lucky enough to discover, yet alone chase. His was leather, and his craft would be bags. Showing us pictures of his early pieces as we talked, the attention to detail was immediately present. In his element, flipping through pages of his work, Frank is at ease. He is at peace with himself, a characteristic brought out in his work. The smooth lines, the fine stitching, the immaculate precision – Frank Clegg bags are some of the best in the world, and after meeting their maker, it easy to see why.

Dedication and wisdom. These two traits are highly descriptive of what lies at the core of the Frank Clegg brand. What they do on a day-to-day basis is the product of countless hours learning a skill-set they’ve chosen to embrace. What makes a product special? For Frank Clegg, it’s ignoring nothing. Everything matters – the bags, the process, the relationships, the reputation. And when everything matters, being the best is the only option."

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