Frank Oceans Site Leaked Images of His Sk8-Hi Vans Collaboration

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Looks like the cat is out the bag on one of Vans most anticipated sneaker releases in its history.

According to verified sources, The Fader were the first to leak the images from the site's source code. They also came to the conclusion that the shoes are a pair of Yohji Yamamoto-designed homages, in the Y-3 line.

There was an expectation that yesterday some images of Frank Ocean's official merch would be revealed, inspired by his not yet released follow up to channel ORANGE. But no-one seen this coming.

The Fader wrote the below quotes before leaking the pics by saying:

"There are these very yellow "Yohi Yamamato Y-3 Sneakers." According to a page on the site, they will apparently be sold for $50."

Doesn't make any sense. We were all scratching our heads here in the office. But it continues...

"It's worth noting that Y-3 shoes normally retail for around $300. The site also spelled the designer's name "Yohi," when it is actually Yohji. The logo on these shoes does in fact appear to be the Vans logo, but a reverse-image search on Google Images does not turn up a pair of shoes exactly like these."

Drumroll please.... These are Frank Ocean's official collaboration with Vans. According to Complex, a close source verified to them that this particular pair weren't supposed to go into production, and that the banana - colorway was designed by Frank Ocean himself. $50 sounds about right for a Vans sneaker, in comparison to a Y-3. And in addition, Vans just recently collabed with

Tyler, the Creator

on his series of

bubblegum pink-soled Old Skools

 just as of last year.

Tyler being buddies with Frank Ocean.

Hate to break it to you guys, but these are friggin' Vans. A source close to the project confirms that these Sk8-His originally weren't slated to go into production, and the banana-like colorway was designed by Frank Ocean himself. Besides, that alleged $50 price tag is more fitting for a pair of Vans than a Y-3 sneaker. Not to mention the California-based sneaker company collaborated with Ocean's bestie Tyler, The Creator on a series of

bubblegum pink-soled Old Skools

just last year.

Keep your eyes open, as the Banana Sk8-Hi by Frank Ocean may drop on