Hip Hop Inspired Alexander Wang's FW16 Capsule

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Hip Hop inspires everyone. From its rebellious and often taboo lyrics to the way its conveys messages from underprivileged subcultures, Hip Hop will always be an art from rooted in protest culture. It has the power to speak which has both its positive and negatives effects. But in this case, Hip Hop has found its way back into the fashion industry, inspiring American designers alike such as Alexander Wang.

Alexander Wang is known for his unique fusion of high and low cultures, blending both worlds to create a sub genre within fashion. It's an elevation of the street wear. Within his sub culture creations, Wang follows the streamlined designs, occasionally experimenting with shape, size and volume. Well his is back with his FW16 collection, fully inspired from Hip Hop culture.

Fueled with baggy trousers, graphic tops and oversized coats, Wang is exploring the spirit of Hip Hop through phrases "Girls Girls Girls," "Not for Drugs," and "Strict" to communicate the synergy and symbiotic relationship between fashion and music. Wang did not limit himself in color, rather elevating the color palette with subtle tones of sky blue, dusty pink, yellow and purple to make the collection cohesive and less driven on fall tonal patterns.

Wang is on to something creatively, pushing boundaries and moving our culture forward, appealing to generation X in the most flattering ways possible. This capsule is bold, forward and necessary. Most importantly, its brave and accepting of all mediums as inspirational references to create timeless pieces that translate the history, dialogue and evolution of Hip Hop. Check out the collection above and please comment below!