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Inside Aimé Leon Dore's 35th St Campaign

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 Aimé Leon Dore's "35th Street" campaign is finally here full of captivating visuals and a brief insider on the vision, inspiration, and significance of the collection. Photographed by Justin Chung in Queens, Teddy Santis, the brand's creative director and designer, explains the merging of both aesthetics thus creating a campaign that expresses the process behind his work.

Check out Teddy's words on the campaign below: 

"The 35th St campaign was photographed on medium format film by NYC photographer and good friend Justin Chung, in my hometown of Queens. At first glance, it's obvious we have different aesthetics, but our creative perspectives run parallel and we've found a unique lane that compliments each other's work. I chose Queens because of what it represents not only to me, but also because of how important it is to the process of my design. Queens is known for being one of the most diverse, urban areas in the world, in which I find beauty that is hard to explain unless you see and experience it."

"The goal with this film campaign, as well as the trailer we released last week, was to help tell my story which I believe is one of the most important things a young brand like mine must not lose focus of. An honest approach to what we represent has been the foundation for us and a key component to the development of our loyal supporters. The 35th St collection is available exclusively on and produced right over the Queensboro Bridge in New York City's Garment District." - Teddy Santis

Check out the full campaign here!