Interview: Perrin Johnson, The Celebrity Stylist

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This world is filled with ambitious, talented individuals. And to add, these people make the planet turn. It's interesting to note that many of these gifted souls play a major part in vast array of professions and various industries. In this case, the spotlight focus is on fashion guru and rising celebrity stylist Perrin Johnson.

I got a chance to sit down with Sir Johnson, 1 on 1 via telephone to pick his brain about various topics. A very dope conversation indeed. Without further a due, HF® introduces the new face in the celebrity styling. Get accustomed. Leave your comments below, and share your thoughts.


Perrin, tell us what exactly you do, and how you got started, humble experiences.. Etc;

I was 16 working an after school job & was approached by a woman who owned a modeling agency, as we spoke more I ended up working for her friend Paul, he was a star on Bravo's "Real housewives of DC" and a life coach, I was under his wing for about a year and a half, working with him at America's Next Top Model auditions, charity events, fashion week in NYC and then styling him for a DC magazine cover, it was a lot for someone that young. As High school passed I ended up missing a lot, proms and any real sport events due to traveling to NYC and DC. After my internship I ended up styling a few females from Oxygen's Bad Girls Club, then working with a PR team in LA dressing their clients. It was a lot of steps but it all fell into place perfectly.

Why the career of a stylist? Are you addicted to fashion or something?

Styling wasn't something I had in mind, growing up in Virginia I wasn't around what you see on the streets in NYC or anywhere else, I had to be self taught magazines really came into hand then. I wanted to design before styling, but styling came easier, going out pulling clothes from showrooms and working with brands on shoots and building a relationship with them.

Tell us - what's that outfit you have on right now? It's crazy fly!!

Today I wore a matching set from Sorella Boutique that says "hate u 2" on the back it's fun when I'm running around the city paired with a proenza schouler tote I managed to get last year!

If I told you to style me for a date on the town, based on how I look, what would you style me in?



I always say an outfit for a first date should be really clean and polished. Stay away from graphic shirts or anything really out there print wise. For you, Clarke, I would dress you in Cotten joggers, comfortable without looking casual, and a button down in a solid color, a watch always comes in hand when completing a date look! Also sneakers would do, something 1 color less logo driven. Haircuts before a date are the best, not a 3 day old haircut haha I try to keep mine nice and clean before meeting someone for a date.

What's it like working and outfitting with some of the entertainment industry's finest? We know you mentioned Jo-Jo, Iggy Azelea & Rihanna...

Working with celebrity clients came when I was young, I worked with Judi Jai of Bad Girls Club, then doing PR and being able to work with Azealia Banks, Dawn Richard, Iggy Azalea, Zendaya and as of now JoJo, Sorella Boutique, Big Momma Thang online store & writer/singer Bibi Bourelly to name a few. It's not always easy working with them, their nice, amazing people with amazing teams behind them but you can't just throw clothes at someone and always expect them to like your vision, being open is important and having a variety of pieces to use, I always tell people stay away from your comfort zone, me being a man it's different styling a women verse a women dressing another women. We have different views on what's "sexy" and "comfortable"

Do you feel fashion encourages freedom of expression per individual?

I feel like fashion can convey so many emotions, it's the most expressive thing next to music in my mind, it's important that you dress how you want and not be so worried about what people think. Normal never made History.

We're curious, is it more fun interesting to style women or men? (In your opinion)

Women. It's crazy because I'm a man but I love a women's body and the millions of ideas you can do!

Whats next for you in your career? Where can we expect to see you within the next year or so?

What's next is more red carpet styling, doing more editorial work. I love pushing myself and my co stylist Milly at On the 5th PR group, were all young stylists and creative people. JoJo was like a dream client come true, her and her stylist Joey Thao are so creative it's insane, we look forward to more work with them! The possibilities are endless! We support young designers who don't always have the voice or audience to share their work with.

Would you ever start your own fashion line in clothing, or "hell naw", too complicated, too much work.

Actually in the middle of styling, I stopped to start a line. The production wasn't going where it needed. I don't know how Rachel Zoe does it! Styling and designing are different the processes aren't the same. But as of now, we've been doing a few custom pieces from an outside designer.

Lastly, what would you tell those pursuing to make it in the fashion industry? Is there a formula to it?

I always get emails asking for Advice or how to get started. Depending on what the dream is, styling is purely from the heart as well designing. You have to do what your mind tells you, everything is in steps take it slow and don't over work yourself. Don't do it alone, work with like minded people they won't give up as easily, also don't be afraid to work while pursuing a dream or to support it! The dream is free, the hustle is sold separately. Work hard, build contacts, network!, attend events locally or out of town & do what your heart tells you.

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