Lookbook: DJINNS X KID ACNE Drop Graphic Skate GEar

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For their newest collaboration project, DJINNS collaborated with UK based artist, illustrator, print-maker and sometimes, MC Kid Acne for a dope collection that features a skate deck, graphic t's, a 5P snapback and 6P snapback Cap. Kid Acne's prior years were spent painting graffiti, making fanzines and releasing DIY punk/hip-hop records. During this period he began to craft and develop his own inimitable style. For his collaboration with Djinn, he repeated elements from the Stabby Women's costumes, such as fur, feathers, scales and hair to create patterns and textures, which worked successfully for the products, creating a cool, "skater" vibe installment for the warmer months. Check out the collection below and be sure to cope what you see here.