Lookbook: Profound Aesthetic Releases "In Far Off Places"

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Profound Aesthetic introduces its Pre-Spring 2016 Collection as part one of a series of drops within the upcoming Spring months. Proceeding further alongside the refined and progressive direction of Profound Aesthetic's design sensibilities, this range explores loose fitting yet sharply structured silhouettes with washed fabrics giving many of the new garments a pre-worn and aged feel. There is an array of hues to be found, from dusted military woodland and washed olive, to waxed black and neutral salmon. The maturation in design within the brand is visible through this most recent collection.

“In Far Off Places” is a narrative on personal identity and exploring oneself within an environment far from home. Life often leads us to unfamiliar places, novel cities and uncharted towns. We are forced to make a home within ourselves to find comfort. The character, often in a melancholy state, is seemingly on a quest for self discovery. The melancholy mood of the photo set coincides with the fabric choices. A notable transition from woodland camouflage and dusted olives to a subtly brighter salmon overcoat.

Profound Aesthetics stands alone amongst contemporary fashion brands. The language, vision, ideas, concepts and aesthetics are definitely profound. Established in late 2008, Profound Aesthetics has created a brand DNA that is providing an upscale alternative to the contemporary street wear culture. That's why we are proud to announce the release of this Pre-Spring 2016 capsule that solidifies their role as a brand to watch. The collection is clean, polished and definitely proves that street wear can be innovative, appealing and upscale. Check out the entire Profound Aesthetics Pre-Spring 2016 collection below.

Photography/ Model:
Shot in New York
Featuring Ade Oyeyemi (@ambitiousade)