NikeLab Announces A Brand New Sock Dart

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nike unveils new sock dart sneaker

NikeLab took to Instagram to officially reveal a new Sock Dart colorway. There's no official date yet, just expect the sneaker to come "soon."

"The Sock Dart was first introduced in 2004 and became the first sneaker that was crafted using computerized knitting technology. The design's woven upper is uniquely constructed from a single textile." via Nike Labs.

Based on images and what NikeLab said on Instagram, the sneaker has a "Silver Grey" body, grey swoosh on the midsole and a transparent silicone strap in place of laces.

Besides the observed information, there really isn't much more out about the newest version of the Sock Dart. I'm curious to see how Nike messes around with knew color schemes and if they will add different colors to Nike Lab. Only time will on the lookout for the new Sock Dary colorway.