Parley for the Oceans X Adidas

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Adidas and Parley for the oceans showcase sustainability innovation at UN Climate Change event.

Adidas is going where no shoe brands has gone before and plans to raise awareness about the awful conditions of Oceans in a whole new way. These Boosts are the first shoe ever to be composed entirely of reclaimed ocean waste.

Cyrill Gutsch, founder of Parley for the Oceans, told Complex: "We are extremely proud that adidas is joining us in this mission and is putting its creative force behind this partnership to show that it is possible to turn ocean plastic into something cool."

Sorry to break it to you but, the shoes aren't on the market yet. They're just in the prototype stage, but you might see them in shelves by 2016.

Parley for the Oceans is an organization in which creators, thinkers and leaders come together to raise awareness about the disastrous state of the oceans and to collaborate on promising projects that can protect and conserve them.

Via Adidas