Rihanna was the Baddest B*tch at The BET Awards, In Our Opinion

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In my honest opinion, I believe that Rihanna is the modern day female God of fashion. Seriously. Everything she wears, whether to an event, concert or just walking around on the streets, makes a statement.

Not only did she make everyone at this years BET Awards 15' look mediocre, she even duct taped the undefeated champ of boxing (Floyd Mayweather) by the hands and mouth, who sat next to her during the show. So technically, Mayweather is not 49-0, because Ri-Ri dominated him completely.

Talk about getting owned.

Wearing no bra under her rich, silky gold blazer top, decorated with accessories on her person, in addition to her gold mini skirt which showed off her legs, finishing the look with a pair of strappy black heels. Keeping it simple in style, a ponytail does the trick, and keeps it minimalist, while she does the most. Oxymoron? Nah, not in this case.