RISING IN FASHION: Harris and Ogeer - "Talk White", Year 1 (Fall 15' - 16')

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Harris and Ogeer is a production company based out of South Florida. From producing everything - but not limited to photography, videography and product design.

The brand is spear headed by Revon Harris and Romario Ogeer, who are the genius and innovative founders /creative directors of the brand.

The duo is currently working on "Year 1" Ad Campaign and is gearing up to debut the first collection which is a Fall Winter 15|16 collection also known as "Talk White". Year 1 is an overall collective, yet creative way of saying "this is the first year", debuting the initial collection "Talk White" at a previous launch party back in January.

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Harris and Ogeer's Fall Winter 15|16 collection was constructed on being surrounded by both urban culture and corporate America. To showcase the vision, the clothing company formed a modeling team of fresh faced male and female models that included Roger Jean-Mary, Rob Eichman, Kemar White, Michael Pagan. Ashleigh McCatty, Brianna Fredricks, and Paola Almonte-Diaz.

With Michael Pagan and Ashleigh McCatty carrying the torch as the faces of the brand, the rising fashion line was able to put together an amazing look book for their first year and plans on continuing bringing consumers the best quality products.

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They won't stop until Harris and Ogeer is globally recognized. We can promise that.

Collection due to drop soon. HYPEFRESH® will keep eyes on the brand too bring the freshest possible updates on when this look book is set to drop. In the meantime, keep in the know at their website Harrisandogeer.com