Rugged Accessories and Bags By Mercy Supply

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They don't make things the way they used to right? And quality accessories are the key to longevity in activewear. Mercy Supply Co. Founder Rusty Zylstra spoke with Cool Hunting's Hans Aschim in an earlier interview a few years back. We grabbed his thesis, and dug it out from the grave to re-shine light on these amazingly curated products.

"Our construction process varies from product to product, but one thing that stays the same is that they are usually overbuilt. I say overbuilt because compared to standard bags or goods, our products weigh a bit more and are built like a tank. I truly care about the longevity of each design so I build it tough. They are riveted where all weight or stress points are, therefore not relying just on thread to keep the product together."

Rusty Zylstra to Cool Hunting.


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Workshop image courtesy of Eric Tank, all others courtesy of Lance Nelson