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Sean Beauford at Tech 808.... @ NYU, New York

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It doesn't matter where you go, there will always be one truth that is constantly consistent - fashionable people are everywhere. Sean Beauford, fashion enthusiast and tech lover passed through Tech 808 at NYU in New York City, stylin' and profiling - humbly. Blending a skate-ish style approach with BBC Ice cream/I Am Other color way inspirations, this look is appropriate for comfort on go, in addition to combating the crisp, cool breeze of the pre-Winter weather.

Displaying a contrast of various colors, all playful in nature, Beauford demonstrates his natural ability to mix neon and opaque textures together, while presenting a strong sense of taste in appearance. Call Mr. Beauford a tastemaker if you will, bringing forth his best in coordination. After snapping his pics and reviewing a few for selection, he had to double take at his own self.

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"Wow. That's dope man. Those pics look really good. I like em." -Sean Beauford

Though not dapper and clean cut, this rugged look is one to definitely grab up on if you're on the move frequently and in need of a hip style. Pretty sure you'll blend right in with other tastemakers in terms of style.

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