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Skinny Models are illegal in France

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On Thursday, France adopted a law that permits underweight fashion models from walking the runway in their home country. Without submitting substantial medical documents, agencies can face an $80,000 fine and a 6 month sentence. Sounds cool, but will it actually make a difference? How will such measures be enforced? Better yet, who will do the policing?

One aspect of this new law requires models to pass a specific BMI measurement, ensuring that height, weight age and body type are consistent. According to some fashion and industry insiders, designers are not pleased with the latest amendment however, eating disorders has been an issue in the modeling agencies for decades. Skinny models are everywhere, distorting the image of beauty rather than creating a wider spectrum of a woman's body. Changes like these will increase the need for awareness and discussion among younger woman who have differing body types that are not represented in pop culture and media.

2016 is all about change! So thank you France for taking measures (no pun intended) to put an end to the ultra skinny model era.