SPGBK's Wooden Watches Are Skillfully Designed On Another Planet

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Two Fraternity Brothers Carve Out Timely Niche

As fraternity brothers at a small school in North Carolina, Kwame Molden and Maurice Davis dressed to impress. "We used to wear outrageous fraternity gear like gold boots, shades, neon-colored shoes, accessories to stand out," Molden said. "But one of the things we really liked were watches."

Since graduation, the friends have focused even more on the watches.

The North Carolina natives founded Springbreak Wood Watches, making and marketing wristwatches that eschew the normal stainless steel wristband construction in favor of more biodegradable materials.


Springbreak Wood Watches is a contemporary wooden watch brandthat combine high-fashion designs & sustainable wood to provide consumers with a stylish watch alternative. Their eco-friendly wood watches are infused with color, uniquely designed, and moderately priced specifically. SPGBK is the official logo and a bold symbol for their brand.

These young entrepreneurs pride their watch brand on being the only wooden watch company that caters to creative individuals and emphasizes on the current hipster culture & fashion. After initially being declined from Kickstarter and being forced to launch their company off a $500 loan from their parents, these ambitious visionaries have managed to expand their brand across the nation and internationally and currently is expanding with new watch collections for the Fall.


They also have coupled their business with a focus on curbing childhood hunger. Recently, the friends partnered with area businesses on a "Bread for Life" day in Fayetteville, North Carolina handing out more than $1,700 worth of bread to needy families.

"We decided, why don't we do our own thing? Why don't we start our own event?" said Molden, who now lives in Charlotte. "We started in Fayetteville because that's where we're from."

Davis, 28, and Molden, 27, have known each other since preschool. The two went to high school and attended college together as well. After graduation, Molden moved to Charlotte. Davis, who was in ROTC, joined the Army and is now a captain in the Army.

They discovered that while wooden watches were being manufactured, they were mostly marketed to environmentalists, not the mass market.


"They were all plain and really didn't have any fashion design to them," Molden said. Also, Molden and Davis said, most of the watches were out of the price range of the average consumer.

The watch the partners designed features band made of maple wood. All of their watches have colorful faces and have a combination of both gold and silver dials. SPGBK just released their new Spring 2014 Blue Magic Collection, which are stunning and appealing.

The watchband is water-resistant, Davis and Molden said. It shrinks a bit if it gets wet, but quickly goes back to its original size.

While some people might question the durability of a watch made largely of wood, Davis said they hold up well.


Along with their emphasis on environmentally friendly manufacturing, Davis and Molden decided to focus on the issue of childhood hunger.

On Feb. 22, the two partnered with groups, including the Fayetteville Urban Ministry to give away dozens of loaves of bread, as well as tickets to Fascinate-U Children's Museum.

The partners said they donate $2 from the sale of each watch to organizations that deal with the problem of childhood hunger.

"If children can't focus in school because they're hungry, they can't perform," Molden said.

Barbara Davis, a kindergarten teacher at Ferguson-Easley Elementary School, said she is impressed that her son and Molden have made a point to put a spotlight on the issue of childhood hunger.

"I just thought it was amazing that young African-American men are trying to give back to their community."

After the bread giveaway, the partners are back to promoting their wooden watches. One of their aspirations is to land a spot on TV's popular "Shark Tank," a show on ABC where entrepreneurs pitch their products in an attempt to win investment dollars.

It's a tall order, but the partners are nothing if not ambitious.

"Our goal is to be the No. 1 watch company for creative individuals," Molden said, "and to help promote an active lifestyle and to help end childhood hunger."


To view their Spring 2014 Look Book and to learn more about the SPGBK brand, please visit their website at www.springbreakwatches. You can also find them on social media @woodwatches on each social platform and you can contact them directly at info@springbreakwatches.com