SPOTLIGHT: Rising Model, Rich McCann

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HYPEFRESH® Magazine had the privilege to meet this talented South Jersey brother, Rich McCann, while attending the BBP's pop up shop in Lower Manhattan on Bowery, NYC. And we're glad we did.

This world is filled with young and ambitious entrepreneurs of all kinds, in various industries. Some are musicians, artists, small business owners, journalists, fashion designers, heck even graphic designers. The list is endless. Rich McCann is a rising fashion model, who chose to leave everything behind to pursue his passion for his craft, in which he works towards daily.

"I have a passion for fashion. I've been modeling for some time now... Doing different fashion shows, and just finding my way in finding what I want to do, you know?"

Landing his recent modeling gig for BBP, which is a popular Parisian clothing brand (who's done exclusive work with Jay Z & Beyonce, ) McCann proudly sports and represents the clothing line on a daily, due to their unique approach and inspiration to the urban fashion universe. Using this opportunity to build his modeling portfolio, he's moving in the direction any aspiring freelance model would, doing his best to pave the way for a bright future.

"I love urban brands, and the inspiration of the many independent designers worldwide. That's one of the avenues in the fashion world I love to represent. It's reflects who I am as a individual - vibrant, outgoing and distinguished."

And in doing so, McCann is opening up many windows of opportunities with countless fashion outlets to show off his modeling talents with many upcoming brands. He's definitely one to look out for in the near future, as he'll be making waves pretty soon at the rate he's moving. Keep up to date with him by following his Twitter feed daily!

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