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Street Style: Seed Heigler

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There's nothing like catching fashionable people roaming the city streets. Seed Heigler, was witnessed meeting with friends at a local restaurant on Chestnut St. in Philadelphia before HYPEFRESH fashion staff seen his outfit. And before he knew it, he was in front of the lens of a Canon 70D.

"I honestly just threw this on." says Heigler when asked about his inspiration for his outfit. "But I'm glad I wore this today." All smiles, good vibes and looks, here's a outfit that can be used for many rainy/cloudy day occasions.

The key in this outfit is the contrasting blue jeans that draw your attention to everything else. The boots, having a major part in this get up lacks no detail, in addition to the Stussy T-shirt under Heigler's topcoat. Throw in the appropriate brim on the hat... We can't forget about that.

Follow Seed Heigler on Instagram as well, as his style exceeds past just these few pics.

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