Guys, Here's A Look That You Should Take Note From

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I didn't have much time today to surf the web like I normally do today...

However, I did get a split second to check out one of my favorite websites -, by Scott Schuman. For those of you who love streetstyled fashion, his site is a must see when it comes to finding inspiration for your next outfit of choice. I scroll through some of his photo archives, and to my surprise I find this picture. This shot was captured in NYC, and for those who don't know - NYC is one of the world's fashion capitals.

What I love most about this shot is the casual, yet proper gentleman-ish look all put together in one. The play on colors especially, green, orange, blue, grey... Its a perfect choice of tonal selection that brings life to this everyday look. The red bandana tied around his neck to add a nice twist in contrasting... And throw the icing on the cake, the properly groomed and trimmed beard. Oh, such a powerful attribute to close the statement on this look. I would definitely recommend this look for any guy who's looking to throw a classic twist on this 'American' staple signature.