STYLE: Our Reasons Why HYPEFRESH® Loves Jen Abrams

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If you're not familiar with the woman in the above pic (to the left), let us introduce you, according to our beliefs.

Jen Abrams, respectfully known through her company's name "Jen Abrams Style" is a brand consultant, celebrity stylist and fashion guru who knows what 'exceptional' looks like. And we're not talking just clothes, but rather the art of visual designing on a human canvas.

We've taken some time out to follow her instagram and twitter feeds for a few months, and what popped into mind after yesterday was simple: "this woman knows her stuff." Not only just for her clients, but for herself in addition.

She's what most professional industry goers need, and that's a person who has an eye for conceptualizing looks, in terms of style. Taking a look at how she personally throws pieces together, casually creates a perfect blend of visual tastes most people would love at first sight. And this is a very valuable key to it all, because fashion is about physically "expressing" yourself through choice of get up.

 Jen Abrams walks out her front door, dressed to impress. Even on a "casual" day out.

Jen Abrams walks out her front door, dressed to impress. Even on a "casual" day out.

Every time we look up, she's snapping pictures of her clients (that she styled), selfies with A List celebrities (Like John Legend, for example - no kidding.) Or in the gym, "Hulk smashing" weights to keep her perfect bodily figure ready for whatever outfit is next. And to top it off, she's a dog lover, (as we've seen on her IG feed) who she also styles and dresses better than some people do themselves.

All these facts... but what's the point? Well, simply put. She's an awesome individual who loves what she does. Period. And for that we applaud her for being genuine and exceptional at her craft.

Not to mention a few months back, HYPEFRESH got the chance to speak with her one on one at The Style Games @ Saks Fifth Avenue with the Philadelphia Eagles. Her presence was refreshing, suited from head to toe in an elegant and clean fashion. Her personality was as dainty her looks, accompanied by a clutch handbag that could pay for a Harvard Tuition in one wop.

 Beach body? Check.

Beach body? Check.

It's our opinion that people should take note of this. Be good at what you do, but don't be cocky about it. It's a turnoff to the people who cross their paths. We can't say this about Abrams, as she's humble and inviting, just as a family member would be. Her heartwarming spirit breaks the ice, and instantly - your intrigued.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

We've come across many professionals in the fashion industry... But Miss Abrams makes our top list pick for Entrepreneurs in the fashion world. Not just because of her talents, but because of her personality. Yeah, we know there's many out there, but this is one of millions that makes us hold on to belief, that decent people still exist in high profile places.

In summary of this article, we did our job in shining light on the deserving. Even though the ice on her wrist shines bright enough as is.

Author: Clark Kennedy, HYPEFRESH.

 And you wonder why it's so cold, huh? Look at her wrist.

And you wonder why it's so cold, huh? Look at her wrist.


Why we love Jen Abrams so much? Follow her Twitter and IG feeds to find out!