The Artistic 'Blue & White' Color Scheme

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For those who aren't hip on patterns in fashion, (especially Men's Fashion) you are in the right place at this very moment.

What you are witnessing are the colors of a deep navy blue colorway, mixed with the classic white Khaki offset by a few earth tones (brown, creme and beige). Either way you put them altogether, you still end up with the perfect color mixture that will have many heads turning. But what's most important about this outfit is the details in pattern. The small circles on the shirt, or the polka dotted ends on the scarf... Maybe even the bold contrasting in blue and white 'stripes' mixed with what seems to be an argyle pattern. Everything about this look says that the man wearing it knows what the hell he's doing. And from what we can see, he does this well probably daily.

Try this look today by finding pieces that come close in this get up, and experiment for yourself. Fashion is all about originality... So be inspired by this shot and play around with some patterns today!

Photo Credit:Scott Schuman,