Uh-Oh. The 'Air Jordan' Is Now Widely Accessible on Walmart.com

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The question has circulated around one of the biggest sneakers to ever hit the market: "will the Air Jordan ever die down?" The answer to that question may be surfacing as spotted via MTO, the Air Jordan brand has made it's way to the online shelves of Walmart.com.

Ever since the availability of the "sneaker deal" to high profile celebrities and athletes became more accessible, competition has been pressuring the Jumpman. Even Kanye West would agree, the Jordan Brand has been under fire as of recent. With proof to the declining sales of the Air Jordan, it's been speculated the hype behind the most glorified sneaker on the planet is finally slowing up for good.

According to MTO:

"It turns out that Jordans are now widely available for sale at Walmart. It may be time to start selling your SNEAKER COLLECTION quickly."

If that is to be the case, we can all agree - Michael Jordan and Nike have had one helluva run. Seeing that the original Air Jordan I sneaker, produced for Jordan in 1984, were released to the public in 1985 under the Nike brand. Though they may never lose their nostalgia, we may just witness the end of Jumpman 23 in our lifetime.

Proof is below.