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UNIQLO Introduces HEATTECH to our favorite Winter Essentials

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Lately we have been treading upon this thing called Winter. The nights are colder and everything about the holidays are reassuring us that Fall is no longer a reality. In fact, we are embarking upon a permanent winter. And for the first time, we have dusted off the ol' overcoat and put it to use.

But a coat is not enough to keep the cold from entering your lungs and giving you pneumonia (sorry to be so harsh). You'll need classic, winter essentials and accessories that will ensure you stay warm during the next couple of months. And guys, UNIQLO is the answer.

UNIQLO has been the pioneer of utilizing technology and textile to create this awesome phenomenon called HEAT TECH. At first, we were memorized by the ability to use HEATTECH for thermals. Now, UNIQLO has taken HEATTECH to new heights with gloves, scarves, hats, and lounge wear. SO, get out this Black Friday and rack up on some HEATTECH.


HEATTECH Knitted Cap, UNIQLO,9.90. 


HEATTECH Kintted Cap, UNIQLO, 9.90


HEATTECH Patterned Socks 2 Pairs, UNIQLO, 12.90 


HEATTECH Lining Gloves, UNIQLO, 9.90 


HEATTECH Knitted Scarf, UNIQLO, 14.90