Why adidas Cancelled Most Early Orders for the "White" Ultra Boosts

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It was all good a few hours ago.

The sneakerheads who managed to get their hands on early restock orders of the coveted "White" Ultra Boost, gotten declined and canceled. Why? Well...

When sneakerheads hit forums to get the plug on a "link" to get their bid in, sometimes these un-publicized links are too good to be truthful, as in most cases, (like this one) get shop shut down on them. And besides, if it's not out on the official website, why risk it? It's your money your chancing on the internet.

So, I know you're asking... What's the solution?

According to Complex:

'However, adidas is actually making an effort to level the playing field and make things as fair as possible. Take a look at some of the evidence below and remember to be wary of any "early" links you may see floating around in the future."