Here's Why We Love The Jack Purcell Signature Leather Hightops

Made for the stylish, timeless, minimalist rebel.
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Made for the stylish, timeless, minimalist rebel.

Jack Purcell has been dressing us for ages. The history of the classic Jack Purcell converse details a lesson in entrepreneurship and the undeniable pursuit of the 'American Dream.' The career strategy and legacy of Jack Purcell started with his early dominance in sports which led to his shoe lineage that is still present in today's market. From college kids and shoe enthusiasts, to stylish gentlemen and cool soccer dads, the Jack Purcell's appeal to the cool, stylish, minimalist who happens to be a bit rebellious. Purcell, himself would agree. 

Jack Purcell was one of the greatest Canadian Badminton players to ever step on the court in the 1930's. After defeating top ranked players in Canada, he was ranked as the Canadian National Badminton Champion from 1927 to 1931. He then traveled to England to return as the world number 1 in 1933. But in 1935, Jack Purcell created a canvas and rubber badminton sneaker  for the B.F. Goodrich Company, before Converse purchased its trademarking in the 70's.


Originally designed for protection, performance and support on the court, the Jack Purcell's have evolved into classic, vintage staples that cater to the gentlemen, rebels and soon-to- be grandfather's who have not lost their youth. Fashion labels such as J. Crew and Mr. Porter have supported the shoe's journey and adaptations including the signature leather high tops. 


High tops will always be a favorite of ours at HYPEFRESH simply because they represent the rebellious, sports-fanatic inside of us. When Converse shifted it's creative direction, I'm sure we weren't the only ones rejoicing. 

The leather and rubber design adds a modern approach, ditching the  canvas to appease our craze with leather. Donned with metal eyelets, the silhouette is versatile and appropriate in a multitude of settings. From toddlers and grand-dads, it is the classic feel that has not been lost through it's updating. So if you are a punk rocker, minimalist, rebel or all around 'American' gent, Jack Purcell is the show that will keep you looking the best at all times. 

To you Mr. Jack Purcell, thank you for creating such an iconic shoe.