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WISDOM WorldWise Reveals Collection & Documentary

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Wisdom ATL recently released their Autumn/Winter 15 collection featuring limited quantities of windbreakers and sweatshirts. Reminiscent of the 90's (in my opinion) this look book is much more than retro, fun and cool street wear. In essence, its a lifestyle.

The reason we decided to post this look book on our site is simple: it promotes a counter lifestyle that is revolutionary. It promotes wisdom as the name implies, but for a younger audience which is ultimately the generation that deserves a great deal of attention. From the name of the brand to the detailing and concept of the clothing, Wisdom's mission and goal resonates with us here at HYPEFRESH. Originating out of high school, the founder and his team embody the goal of the brand and for that we introduce to you the Autumn/ Winter 2015 collection and Wisdom documentary. Also, be sure to check out the site here!

"Wisdom is knowledge beyond genius, being aware and conscious of everything going on around you. Its knowing your true potential. Its knowing you. It's knowing who you are" Wisdom Clothing line is more than a clothing line, its a lifestyle"- Founder