Wiz Khalifa and Son Collaborate on New Clothing Line

Shadowing his father’s footsteps.
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Wiz Khalifa and Son.

Wiz Khalifa and Son.

At just three-years-of age, Wiz Khalifa’s son, Sebastian is already shadowing in his father’s footsteps. The two have united together to release a newly imagined fashion line based on his favorite things to do. 

Cool, right?

Junk Food Clothing (a Los-Angeles based fashion retailer) collaborated with the two to create "BASH" -based off Sebastian’s nickname.

The capsule collection features a selection of bomber jackets, sweatshirts, shirts and accessories. Wiz Khalifa states that the clothing line was an "organic" effort between his son and himself. Seeing as though the two often shop together on town, their taste in style are extremely similar. Watch out for the collection set to be released October 15 in and online at Junk Food Clothing.