Wood Wood x Adidas Consortium Ultra Boost (Photos)

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It appears that German sports company will keep its customers happy by bringing them a variety of collaborations for the number 1 running shoe, the Adidas Ultra Boost. For their newest project Adidas is working with the Copenhagen based streetwear label Wood Wood.

Wood Wood was inspired by a 2014 astrophysics discovery of the gravitational waves in the afterglow of the Big Bang for this project's designs. The Wood Wood team even incorporated blue and orange highlights on the inserts of the midsoles and heel tabs of the sneakers to reflect the initial chart showing these colors in the waves. They also decided that creating two versions, one for men and one for women would be a unique approach to the Adidas Consortium Ultra Boosts.

The men’s version is a predominantly black Primeknit upper with traces of white on the Boost midsole, tongue and heel. The men’s pair also features an updated cage and an extra set of laces. The women’s version is mostly white with black accents throughout and replaces the lacing system with a midfoot strap, creating an innovative slip-on style.

The Wood Wood x Adidas Consortium Ultra Boost shoes will be released exclusively at Wood Wood stores and woodwood.com on February 20th. The shoes will go on sale globally at select Adidas Consortium retailers on February 27th.