Jon and Tracey Stewart Save and Adopt Runaway Bull

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Whether he’s called the smartest comedian, or the funniest smart guy, Jon Stewart is a comedic genius with a good heart.

Over the weekend in Queens, New York, a bull escaped being taken to the slaughterhouse and went on a walk. The bull was recorded by different people walking, grazing, and enjoying life. The Bull eventually found its way into an open field at York College in New York. Although the bull was harmless at the moment, he was tranquilized and taken away to an animal care center nearby. Stewart and his wife Tracey heard about the bull and wanted to come to its rescue. They negotiated a price for the bull, and named him Frank Lee (after infamous Alcatraz escapee Frank Lee Morris). Stewart and his wife announced that last year he and his wife would create an abused animal sanctuary, and Frank Lee will be a part of that sanctuary.