Meet Michael Garcia - An Emerging Visual Director From NJ

He's got next in the video game.
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He's got next in the video game.

Michael Garcia reached out to our inbox inquiring possible review of his newly directed music videos. What he didn't expect was a succinct response praising his creations. And praise well deserved - as he'd worked hand in hand with several talented recording artists. B.o.B., T.I.P., Kodie Shane, Yung Booke and Sky Soprano just to name a few.

Hailing from the busy streets of N.J., Michael Garcia spends his days cruising the warm, sunny highway New Jersey can offer. By time the sun begins to set, he puts on his aviator shades and changes hats; the man behind the camera awakens, shooting videos and directing short pictures. And he's no rookie, being seasoned in the game for quite some time, he's presenting to the world his best work (right now) with expectations for more to fall into his lap.

How'd you get started in film directing? 

I started getting interested in film directing when my boy Nasser suggested I switched from editing amvs for this game we played, to doing music videos. It wasn't till about a year later or so that i really found the perfect timing to really pursue it full throttle.

Speak on some of you're most memorable moments in videography.

Epic moments were shooting this video Girls Kissing Girls with my homie Nasser, first video I and we ever collabed on. Shooting for the homie D. Chamberz in Coney Island where the whole hood came out to shoot featuring Uncle Murda. Spending New Years getting to film TIP's performance was definitely epic working with the king. I got a chance to shoot with B.o.B, after we shot the first take we decided to work on some more visuals before i left town. But for some odd reason things didn't take a crazier turn until my Sony FS7 got stolen. Oh, and Going to Atlanta and vegas for the first time with 5ive Mics, really took me to crazy levels in my career.

Michael Garcia, on set with various video equipment.

Michael Garcia, on set with various video equipment.

What type of equipment do you use to get the job done?

My lovely Glidecam HD-4000 goes everywhere with me. I like the idea of a ronin, never touched one. Currently shooting with my Sony A7S ii, yes! Get it! It's sick in low light guys. And to finish the combo I use a metabones adapter to mount my Canon 35mm L Series 1.4f.

Any favorite personal projects your most proud of?/ Most attached to?

I don't think I've reached a point where I can feel like that yet. I haven't got to produce a fraction of ideas i've written in the past. I plan to focus on organizing production more.

Any tips for other rising entrepreneurs aspiring to enter the industry?

Don't give up. Stay creative, don't follow the rules. The best learning experience is practice. Get behind that lens and shoot as often as you can. And no you don't have enough b-roll.

Enjoy all his video productions below.